Frequently Asked Questions

Version & Compatibility

What is the current FormDocs software version?
FormDocs v11.5 for CMS 1500 (02-12)

What version of Windows does FormDocs CMS-1500 run on?
FormDocs CMS-1500 runs on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7.
However, Formdocs CMS 1500 does not run on Windows 8 RT.

Does FormDocs run on Apple Mac computers?
Yes, but because FormDocs CMS-1500 is a Windows application, in order to run FormDocs on a Mac you must separately purchase and install 'Parallels' or 'VMWare Fusion' software as well as a copy of Windows.

Does FormDocs CMS 1500 run on Android Computers?
No. At this time FormDocs CMS-1500 works only on computers and Tablets that run a Windows operating system.

Can FormDocs CMS-1500 forms be filled-in using only a Web Browser?
No. FormDocs CMS-1500 is a Windows application that must be installed on a computer.

Storage Options

Where are my Claims stored?
Claims can be safely stored on your computer, USB Flash Drive, in Cloud storage (Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.) or on a shared Network drive.

About the Free Trial

Is the FormDocs CMS-1500 Free Trial fully functional?
Yes. The free trial is fully functional and allows you to complete and submit for reimbursement actual Claims.

How long is the FormDocs CMS-1500 Free Trial period?
30 days. After the free trial period expires the printing and eFiling features will stop working.

License Management

Can I move my licensed copy of FormDocs CMS-1500 from one computer to another?
Yes. First ensure the computer has a working connection to the internet, then start Windows Control Panel and run 'Add/Remove Programs'. Select FormDocs CMS 1500 in the list of programs and click 'Remove'. During the un-install process you may be prompted by your security software for permission to make an internet connection, which you must allow. When completed this process frees up your FormDocs license so that you can install it onto some other computer.

My computer's hard drive crashed. Can I reinstall FormDocs CMS 1500 after replacing the drive?
Yes. FormDocs CMS-1500 can recognize the same computer even if you re-image, re-format or replace the hard drive.