FormDocs CMS-1500 Customer Testimonials

"As a therapist new to having my own private practice, FormDocs CMS-1500 is wonderful! My case load is small so I did not need to buy an expensive billing program. I found FormDocs for a friend and for myself. We love the program. Great price, great product!" Marcie L., LCSW

"With my busy practice I don't have a lot of time to spend learning new software. Which is why I'm glad I bought yours. You promised it would be easy and it is. I figured out how to use it without even opening the user guide." Thomas P., D.C., Q.M.E.

"Our Clinic typically files all of our Claims electronically except for those that we need to submit as secondary. Your program has proven itself perfect for doing that and our billing staff say they love working with it. We bought five copies and will be buying more soon." Arnold B., MD

"I'm near retirement so I only come in to the office a few times a week and the number of claims I do is small. I didn't want to spend a lot of money or time on this. So far so good, your program is nice and easy, everything looks big and bright to these tired eyes, and I didn't have to become a computer expert. Thank you." Dr. Jason E., RT DC NRCME

"We are a husband and wife team and we have always preferred to do our own billing. We especially love your software because it allows us to finish up and go home early on Friday!" Don & Melinda E, LCS W-C

"We've used your software for almost a year now and never once had any claim rejected because someone forgot to enter something in. Thanks for making the software so smart we use the scrub feature all the time." Chris H. OD PA